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The Alma Project’s groups are based at Craigentinny Community Centre.  If you would like to contact us, please write, email or phone Margaret Allan or Alistair Warner.

The Alma Project  

Craigentinny Community Centre

9 Loaning Road

Edinburgh EH7 6JE


email for volunteering or referrals:

tel:        0770 36 39 334

We are a Scottish Charity  Incorporated Organisation



How To Get There

Most groups are held at Craigentinny Community Centre, 9 Loaning Road, Edinburgh EH7 6JE

craig - frontcraig mod entrance

Part of the centre looks like an old castle.  It has a modern extension and is set in its own grounds, with plenty of parking.

Buses  – 19, 21, 25, and 49 go to Craigentinny Road, beside Loaning Road.  The bus stops to get off at are beside an area with some shops set back from the main road.  Look out for the large stone-carving that says CRAIGENTINNY that is at the end of Loaning Road.

Nos. 19 and 34 go along London Road and then to Marionville Road, which is very near Loaning Road.  Get off at the end of Marionville Road where there is a triangle of park/garden and newsagents.

craigentinny info and map

The Drama Group is held at South Leith Baptist Church Hall, Casselbank St, a side street off Leith Walk, the second side street up from the foot of the walk,  on the right hand side if you are heading up from the foot of the Walk.

Buses that go down Leith Walk –   7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22, 25, 49

Buses that go along Great Junction St. or Duke St. at foot of the Walk – 21, 34

South Leith Baptist Church

Map for Drama Group